The initial sense of panic and shock felt by everyone from the fear and enormity of COVID-19 pandemic, has  abated somewhat to a realization that the global health crisis can be managed and overcome. 

Together we are facing an unprecedented, quickly evolving crisis, which is affecting each one of us. As most of  us have resumed General Practice after the lockdown, we need to pay special attention to, not only the safety of  ourselves and our families but also the staff of our clinics, our patients and their families too. 

The College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka (CGPSL) stood by the Members and Associates during this turbulent time, where the College took up the responsibility to closely monitor the situation, provide practical solutions and support the General Practitioners whenever possible. 

  • To ensure the safety of the Membership and the Office staff, and also as a solution to work amidst the lockdown and curfew, the CGPSL initially resorted to operating possible Office tasks from home.  
  • A Task Force for COVID-19 was formed and a panel of senior GPs was appointed as Counselors to attend to the needs of the Members and Associates.  
  • The College inquired from the Members and Associates of the various issues related to their practice that they came across during this difficult time, through a survey administration app (Google Forms), for which there were as much as 61 responses.  
  • Considering and analyzing the responses received, the CGPSL was able to make arrangements to circulate possible information on the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks and sanitizers to the Membership via email.  
  • The College also developed a guiding document „A practical plan of action to assist a General Practitioner to run the clinic under the present context‟ which was circulated among the Membership and also made freely accessible through the CGPSL Website.  
  • An attractive patient education poster was also developed in all three languages and published in the  Website as well as through social media. 
  • The CGPSL also forwarded to the Membership other relevant Guidelines on COVID management issued by the Ministry of Health and other professional bodies.  
  • Organizing and conducting of Webinars was another step taken by the College of General Practitioners towards sharing information on how to live with COVID-19. 
  • The CGPSL coordinated with the Corona Task Force of the Western Province, Provincial Director of  Health Services, Western Province to make the “Corona risk area identification” mobile application freely available to the Members and Associates. 
  • The Editorial Committee of the “My College” Newsletter, kept the faithful readers updated and entertained through an e-version previous issue. 

In this issue of the Newsletter, we have included a table of summarized information on various medical equipment which some of our colleagues had shared among the Membership, for quick and easy reference. This information may be useful to maintain your safety as well as the safety of your concerned ones, as you continue to Practice. 

The Editorial Committee wish to thank the doctors who shared the following information with the College and  sincerely hopes that this information will come in handy when you have to purchase the right Personal  Protective Equipment (PPE), according to your need and choice. 

Stay safe. Be healthy. Happy reading! 
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