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Dr. D. K. D. Mathew
President - CGPSL

Message from President - CGPSL

Thank you so very much for your trust and confidence placed in me, by electing me to the office of the President of the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka, I am truly humbled.

I wish to assure that I will uphold the integrity and ethical standards of the College as intended by founder members of the College and the past presidents since its incorporation by a Parliamentary Act in 1974.

I wish to take this opportunity to value and appreciate the contributions made by the President Dr. Jayantha Jayatissa during his term of office in implementing innovative projects which have
benefited the College, its membership and the public.

We are at present witnessing a pandemic that is redefining the age old practices of the medical profession Globally.

In Sri Lanka, within the past few months we have seen how digital technology has come into play in diagnosing illnesses of patients remotely and the usage of robotic technology for dispensing medications.

During my tenure as the President, I hope to make the embracing of new technologies in the GP’s day to day work a focal point.

It is evident that as committed members, we love the College deeply and we all care so strongly about its future. In any organization, if most matters can be decided consensually then inevitably acrimony and bitterness can be avoided. It is my fervent hope that all matters of the College in future would be decided by consensus of the members.

I look forward to the support and cooperation of all members to usher in a new era of medical services to be rendered by the College of General Practitioners.


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